Bar-Muda Triangle Karaoke Contest

Karaoke Contest Info

Are youtry  ready to be crowned "Bar-Muda Triangle Karaoke Master?"  Here is how it works.


You may enter at any of these three locations:


Pitch Karaoke Bar - WEDNESDAY'S

631 W. Main Street


Blondies - THURSDAY'S

619 W. Main Street


The Basket Case - TUESDAYS

610 W. Main Street


Choose one song to perform.  Each contestant will be awarded points for their performance.  You may only enter once at EACH location.  Each contestant will receive 10 bonus points PER LOCATION.  Those bonus points will be combined with the TOP score they receive between the locations they try out at.  The more places you try, the more BONUS points you receive!  Remember you may only try out at each location ONCE. 


There will be a $10 Entry Fee at Each Location.


All contestant stats will be avaliable to view at


The top 12 at the end of the preliminary weeks will go on to the finals!


Grand prize will be awarded to 1st place with a 2nd and 3rd prize being awarded as well.


Good luck and SING SING SING !


Contact us for further details and information.