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Pitch Karaoke Bar opened its doors in 2012 when two gentlemen decided to embark on an adventure and take a bar that one of them used to frequent and turn it into something the community could enjoy and that they could be proud of.  The building at  West Main Street has been home to many different kinds of businesses.  Just before Pitch became Pitch it was another popular bar by the name of the Elbo Room.  Before that it was known as the Quench Room which was yet another tavern.  We decided to keep Pitch a karaoke bar and do some updates, not only to the interior look but also to the technology. Long gone are the days of bulky songbooks to search through for your favorite karaoke song.  Karaokeware™ came out with a smartphone App called Songbooks Online.  Now you can browse AND request your song right from your Smartphone.  Click here for more details.  When it was all said and done, Pitch Karaoke Bar became more than we had ever hoped.  We wanted to take a minute and thank the community for supporting us as it has.  Your support of our business has allowed us to "pay it forward" in the form of numerous fundraisers and events that we have been able to host to give back to the local community and local charities through the years.  Thank You !

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