What Should You Order?

 “What should I order?” 

 Is that one of your lines when you go out? Not Anymore!

While standing in front of the bar at Pitch Karaoke Bar  just “Look Up!”  Literally! 

Above the bar you will find a massive drink menu board

with over 100 cocktails, shots, and bombs to choose from. 

Still Not sure what you want to drink?  WAIT…there’s more.

Listed under most of the shots and drinks are the liquors and mixers that each beverage contains.

We take the guess work out of ordering.

There will be no more “make me something fruity," however if that does come out of your mouth,

we have you set with our "Something Fruity" Shot! 

Pitch has you covered!

Happy Hour is from 7PM-8PM seven days a week.

Pitch Karaoke Bar's Weekly Drink Specials

Questions about our happy hour or drink specials?

Give us a call at +1 309 839-2475+1 309 839-2475 - we're here to help you out!